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Q1:If I want to buy your products, how to get to know whether your products suit to our working or have a good market?
A:Nowadays, more and more people prefer to using Chinese products, which do not have the best quality, but they have the best price. Take consider of the quality and price together, it has a great competition and market in the world. We have been in this industry for more than 20 years(since 1995), And it is our pleasure to help you to find the best products and offer you a clear introduction of our products and its performance. After your study, if you are still not sure about our products, it is necessary for you to have a trial order. You can tell us the materials and machines you are working with, also other parameters you have about the working conditions. Then we can make the suitable products according to your working. After your test, you will know much about our products.

Q2:How to get a pricelist from you?
A:We have a wide range of products line, and also specifications, too many prices. That is why we do not have a pricelist on our website. If you like to know our price, please contact with us and tell us the specifications you like, we will offer you the best price according to your inquiry.

Q3:How about the minimal order?
A:For testing and sample orders, we do not have a minimal order, usually after fixing the order, we will send the sample to you by express, like DHL, TNT, UPS, FEDEX, etc. For regular orders, we ask for the total amount of the order is over $5000, or the total weight is over 45kgs, which is the minimal weight for air, or the freight and fare will be too high.

Q4:Do you offer a free sample as most of the companies?
A:We do not offer a free sample. According to our many experiences, it is very easy for the clients to not value and to show their attention to the sample. If they pay for it, the results is the other side. Another reason for not offering sample is for the little sample, it is not convenient to put into production, also the cost is quite high.

Q5:How about your payment terms?
A:Regarding payment term, according to our financial rules, we only accept T/T before delivery. But if it is by sea, we can discuss about it according to the real situation.

Q6:If we paid, but we didn’t receive the goods, how should we do?
A:It is very important to find a real and trustable supplier and co-operator. Jinlis Diamond Tools is a long-time experienced manufacturer with it’s history, you can easily find us in the big commercial website, some international professional exhibitions, and check about us from Department of Commerce of China. We promise you that this kind of matter never happens on us! After you paid, please kindly inform us or show the bank slip to us for earlier production and delivery. Delay in delivery is understandable, but we will inform you and tell you about the delivery time. Please do not worry.

Q7:After the payment, how long does it take to get the goods?
A:Usually it takes about one week for us to deliver the goods to you. But for some special orders or nonstandard specifications, it takes much longer time for us to send the goods to you. And we will inform you about the delivery time. In some special cases, such as unavailable berth, or bad weather and so on, it also influences the delivery.

Q8:How about the transportation?
A:For some products like segment, because it has a very small size, but have a high value and very high weight. When the order is not big, normally send by air; while if order is big or takes big place, by sea is suggested. We’ll give suggestions and options according to order condition, it can sent by our suggestion or as you like. Timing of by sea is one month, more or less. While for other ways, like air, express, it only needs 5 to 10 days for you to receive it.
Q9:How to know more about the freight?
A:Based on EXW/FOB quotation, when you place an order to us, we will calculate the gross weight and volume, and calculate the freight according to the recent freight charge by the shipping company, adding the customs and some other fares, and we will make a clear list for the charges in the invoice. For other price terms, such as CIF, CFR, etc, you don’t need to take into account of the freight.

Q10:If the products can not install or work well, how should we do?
A:Please do nott make your conclusion too fast. Firstly, please kindly check your installation, the working machines, and the working conditions, whether all these are in a normal situation, secondly, please check out whether the co-operation are in the right way. If it is still not working, the reason is mainly in the products. In this case, please find out the reason according to your experience and run it again or take it off from the machine, and use other tools to have a try.

Q11:What is the qualification to be your agency?
A:It is our pleasure if you like to be our agency. The key point for the agency is a good marketing capability and bulk order. For other items and details, we can discuss with each other, and get to a mutual benefit.


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